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August 8th, 2022

Dear Northeast Music Educators,

Fellow colleagues! It’s almost time to get going on the new school year and while some of us are ready to go I am sure that there are also those of us dreaming of an extended summer! Your NEMMEA board met last Saturday to tidy up the years events, figure out who is new in and around the district and take care of other needed business for our district. 

If you are a new teacher you need to check into the MMEA Mentoring Conference.  This conference is a great way to start your teaching career and make many connections with other new music teachers in the state. Your district has probably assigned you a mentor, but you also want someone that is in your field.  You may also contact Lisa Dobbs, Mentoring Chair ldobbs@nfranklin.k12.mo.us.  If you are aware of any new teachers in the area we also ask you to pass their name along to Lisa.  

Congratulations to the following ensembles for being selected to play at the 2023 MMEA Conference!

  • Central Methodist University Concert Band- Skip Vandelicht
  • Fayette High School Concert Band- Elizabeth Betts and Lisa Dobbs
  • University of Missouri Wind Ensemble- Brian Silvey
  • Sunnydale Adventist Academy Chorale- Joseph Choi
  • University of Missouri-Columbia University Singers- R. Paul Crabb

Your NEMMEA Executive Board Officers are here to serve.  Do not hesitate to contact them as you are preparing for events this school year. Please be on the lookout for information for updating a new registry. We want it to be as up to date as possible so EVERYONE will need to fill it out again when it comes to you in the near future. 

District Officers

Lets all work together to help the students of our NEMMEA have the best musical experiences we can offer! If you need anything at all please do not hesitate to contact me, my info is below!

Josh Yancey



Mexico Public Schools Director of Bands

NEMMEA President