Northeast Missouri All-District Band Registration System

Welcome to the "Northeast Missouri All-District Band Registration System". Please familiarize yourself with the audition requirements and rules found at . This registration system replaces the paper form titled "Audition Process". IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO BRING STUDENTS TO AUDITION, please register anyway and indicate that you will not be attending.

By using this type of registration for our students we hope to streamline our audition process and the assigning of judges. Further, the coordinators of the District Band, Jazz Band, and Junior High Honor Band will have easier access to student and director information and a quicker turnaround during auditions. The end result is a better experience for our students.

Through this process you will be able to log in/ register to create a user id and password, register your main instruments/ areas of judging expertise, edit school information, submit your auditioning students' information, verify entries, and print an invoice for your district to use. When you arrive at Moberly HS, you will receive a packet containing your students' audition numbers. Students will no longer have to stand in line to register.

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